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Thursday, 14 April 2016


In summer season, we make lots of vadams.  Elai vadam is very easy to make as it can be dried under the fan also during the hot season and a day you sun dry the same.  I am trying various kind of vadams now a days and today I prepared the samai arisi vadam.

It is like the elai vadam we make with the normal rice.  Since there is a restriction in my house to consume the oily food, I am trying with limited quantity.  You can increase the same according to your requirement.  This can be eaten fried along with a cup of tea as a snack and served with sambar rice, rasam rice etc.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Bhel, the street food of Mumbai who does not know about it and are very rare that one has not tasted this when they come to Mumbai.  I used to make sweet kurmura with it for my children whenever they wish to eat as they love them.

Recently I posted the Aralu Sandige i.e Puffed rice fryums.  The curiosity to try with bhel  kurmura was there ever since I tried the Aralu Sandige.  Since I am making this for the first time, I thought  I will try it with one cup of kurmura.  Vazhathandu (banana stem) we always chop finely and put in the killu karuvadam when we make it during summer.  So I thought of adding the chopped banana stem in this.  While making it, it was not binding properly so I added 2 tbsp of sabudana which was kept for making sabudana kichadi.

Since the first attempt was successful, I thought of posting the same here as I wanted to share with you all because you all will love them to have with a cup of coffee/tea or with rice, sambar, rasam or with tomato rice etc.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Monsoon is fast approaching before that you can try this vathal.  We used to make the vathal with Ash gourd peel also.  Very easy and tasty with sambar, rasam, dal rice.  Normally, we throw away the peel of lauki.  As it is edible, while preparing subzi also we can make use of it, but most of the people prefer to peel off the same.

Since I had peeled of one full lauki, I tried this vathal and liked by everyone at home.

Monday, 6 April 2015


Bitter gourd is very good for health especially those who are suffering from diabetes.  This juice is very useful in controlling the sugar.

Bitter gourd vathal is made and stored in airtight container during summer.  This is used to make varuval or vathal kuzhambu during rainy season when  vegetables are scarce.  Most of the vathals, vadams, pickles are made during summer and stored by Indians during  summer. 

Let us look at the recipe now how to make this vathal.  In malayalam, it is called kondattam.


Cluster beans or kothavarakka or kothavarankai or ghavar subzi is made normally as dry subzi.  South Indians make it poriyal, or usli, thoran etc. whereas in the north side, it is made along with onion, tomato etc with some masalas.

It is quite tasty but for some people, it gives gas trouble.  Hence we need to put garlic and hing powder in it to reduce that effect.

This can be sun dried and kept for frying or making subzi during rainy season.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Cassava, often referred to as tapioca from its word in Portuguese, is called Kappa (കപ്പ) Kizhangu or Poola (in northern Kerala) or Maracheeni or Cheeni or Kolli or Mathock (മത്തോക്ക്), Poola (പൂള)in Malayalam.
Tapioca is widely consumed in the Indian state of Kerala, usually as breakfast or in the evening. It is boiled (after skinning and cutting it into large cakes of about 6–8 cm long or into small 2 cm cubes) in water till properly cooked, and the water is drained off. Once cooked, it can be mixed with grated coconut, chili, salt, turmeric etc., then steamed and mashed into a dry pudding. This can be garnished in oil with mustard, onion, curry leaves etc. if desired. Tapioca cakes (Chendan Kappa) are often eaten with simple chili sauce (a paste of Green/Red Chili + Shallot + small red Onion + Garlic + Salt + Oil).
Mashed Tapioca is paired with Meat / Fish curry. Tapioca with fish curry (especially sardines) is a delicacy in Kerala. Mashed Tapioca with Chutta Unakka Mathi (dry salted sardine directly cooked on charcoal) and Green Chili is another popular combination. Kappa Biriyani is yet another Tapioca dish.
Tapioca can be stored for longer periods by parboiling and drying it, after skinning and slicing it into 0.5 cm thick pieces. This is called Unakka Kappa or Vaattu Kappa (dried tapioca). Unakka Kappa pudding is widely consumed in Kerala. Tapioca Chips, thinly sliced tapioca wafers, similar to potato chips, are also popular.

Sabudana  (in Hindi) , jawarisi ( in Tamil), sago pearls (in English) is made out of this.  Sabaduna kichadi, sabdudana vada   are the  fasting dish of Maharashtrians.

We can make chips,papadam, subzi etc. out of this.

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Summer season has started and it is time to make pickle, vadams, masalas, aam ka panha etc.  I have already posted Killu karuvadam, kambu karuvadam, palak papad  & thattai karuvadam.  Here is my post of simple and easy elai vadam.

This elai vadam is eaten by us raw as we love to apply little chutta ennai i.e. after frying any item, the remaining oil is called chutta ennai. my son love this and on normal days also i make it and give him.

The best part of this vadam, is you need not worry about drying it under sun as it can be dried under fan also and for one or two hour, you can keep it under the sun.  elai vadam video


Vadam is made out of rice basically.  You can also make it  with combination of vazhathandu, kappa, sago  etc.  Normally, it is made during summer as it gets dried up very fast.  Vadam is served with rice, samabar or chitrannam viz. lime rice, puliodarai etc. or can be had it with cup of tea also.

Karuvadam is one of the delicious, ready to fry items from Tamil Nadu. Women  prepare these during the hot summer months of April and May. They are used as accompaniments at lunch or dinner through out the  year but particularly intended to be used during monsoon when fresh veggies are hardly available.

Elai vadam, karuvadam, maracheeni appalam, killu vadam etc is made and stored in airtight containers which is fried and served whenever it is required.  It remains years together if handled properly.

I made this thattai vadam with little kappa, maracheeni and rice flour.  I made an attempt to make the maracheeni appalam which turned out very thin like elai vadam and  had to fry it very carefully. I have posted palak papad.   If you make it plain, it becomes Elai vadam.  This post is with as I used to share my recipes with Ms. Dahlia before I started my blog.

 coming back to thattai vadam, the batter is placed in the plastic sheet with spoon and spread it lightly like thattai.   hence i called it thattai vadam.  We can also make killu karuvadam by placing the batter with hand and dry it. 


Killu means pinch out hence it is known as killu karuvadam.  What we need is rice, red or green chilli, sesame seeds, hing powder (optional).

This is another way of making karuvadam during summer. 


For making kambu vathal, prepare the batter like we prepared for killu karuvadam. Then it is put in the press and squeezed out on plastic sheet to dry.

with green chilli

with red chilli

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Papad is served with rice, sambar combo and pulao, raita combo, rice, vattal kuzhambu combo.  It is also served as Masala Papad.  Varieties of papad are available like urad, garlic, masala, rice etc.  Ila vadam, rice papad made by South Indians.  Here is a slight variation of that by adding palak in it.  You fry it or roast it, it is liked by everyone.   thattai vadam.   Killu Karuvadam, So enjoy.


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