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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Kesari is a sweet dish made with suji, sugar during festivals and also for weddings.  Normally we add kaju kishmish etc. in this but  I have made papaya kesari with little twist in it.  This dish came out very well.    This can be cut into pieces and serve or can be scooped too.

Let us  look at the recipe now:


400 gm  ripe papaya
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup  milk
2 tbsp suji
2 drops of vanilla essence
1 tsp grated coconut
3 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp charoli
1 tbsp musk melon seeds
kaju, pistachios as you wish
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
1 tsp corn flour  (optional)


cut the papaya into cubes, add sugar, 1/2 cup  water and pressure cook the same for 4-5 whistles. cool and grind to a smooth paste along with the corn flour and essence.

In a kadai, heat ghee, add the rava and roast it like you roast the same for the sheera.  add the milk and cook the same till the milk is dried up.  add the papaya puree, grated coconut  into it and cook till it starts leaving the sides of the kadai.  add the charoli, little dry fruits, mix well and transfer it into a greased plate.

garnish with the melon seeds and remaining nuts.   cool it, keep it in fridge.  then cut into desired shape if you wish or serve scooped out with spoon.

This is a different kind of kesari.  Hope u all will like it and do post your comments on the blog and share it on FB.


Monday, 19 May 2014


Sheera is liked by everyone, especially when it is made for the Satyanarayana Pooja, I loved to eat this prasadam.  Even if I am not invited for the pooja, I always get the chance to have this prasadam.  My daughter loves sheera which is made by me and in her school, the children grab the tiffin box for the sheera.

Now the mango season is on, I thought of making mango sheera which turned out very well.  It is a lovely dish to serve during feast too.   I have already posted various dishes of mangoes viz. mango lassi, mango ice cream,  mango burfi, mango jam, mango milk shake,  mango katli, mango kadhi, mango tender coconut drink etc.

Yourube: Mango sheera 1  mango sheera 2  mango sheera 3

Saturday, 11 January 2014


Pongal festival is falling on 14th January this year.  Normally everyone make the pongal sweet and savoury with rice.  I am presenting the sweet pongal with samo rice.  Already posted  the savoury version.

This rice is used to prepare varieties of dishes during fasting.    Today is Vaikunda Ekadasai and my son's date of birth.  So thought of making this sweet dish for the neivedyam as well as for the birth day.  I made Bhagar sarakara Pongal as well as  bhagar milk kheer.  I have also posted Moriyo ven pongal and Moriyo dosa.   Here is the recipe of Sarkara Pongal.

Friday, 6 December 2013


IFC challange # 3 hosted by Manjula Kanted has selected Marwari cuisine.  The recipes were either a platter of kachori or halva or a combination of one kachori and one halva or the Rajasthani Thali.  Since the Marwari cuisines are of bit spicy, I did not dare to prepare the same as we do not eat very spicy items.  However, will be trying one by one later as my friend is a Marwari and  can share with her.

Thanks Manjula  for the lovely recipes.

Monday, 26 August 2013


Sheera is made out of suji/rava with milk and sugar.  It is a very good dish  for breakfast as well as evening snacks.   My daughter on every Thursday, she takes the same in the tiffin box and I happily make this being the day of Krishna and Sai Baba for Prasad too.   Normally, it is made for the Satyanarayana Pooja and we all love to eat the same with bananas and lots of dry fruits in it.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


Om anandaya namah:


I want to post as much as mango recipes before the mango  season gets over. hence tried today the mango burfi which i am prsenting to you all.   This mango burfi is made out of mango pulp, sugar, roasted rava, milk and milk powder.  see the post of mango katli too.


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