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Thursday, 13 June 2013


Methi Soup, my neighbour was bit hesitant to taste this and she said  "TUM KUCH BHI BANAKE LATHE HO".   

But believe me, it is really tasty and healthy if you have the willingness to relish this.  Though it is slightly bitter, it is really yummy.  My neighbour son who was around 10 year old  relished the same at one go.

Methi seeds are good for health.  It keeps the stomach cool. Sprouts in any form are good for health.  Considering the diabetic people, this soup is dedicated to the diabetics.    I tried this soup because I had large qunatity of  sprouts with me. The first attempt was successful and started making it atleast once in a month.

Serve one tablespoon of methi sprouts every day  to have control on diabetic and blood pressure, cholestrol.

Now the rainy season is on, you can enjoy this soup.  Once you start liking it, believe me, you will definitely try this again and again.

methi soup


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