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Tuesday, 1 December 2015


You tube: Greens rasam, the name itself indicates the ingredients used in this is greens viz. tulsi, basil, fresh garlic with greens, coriander leaves, curry leaves, green chilli, ginger etc.  the other day, i tried gooseberry, pudina, garlic rasam and was awesome.

since all the ingredients i used is having the medicinal value and helps in digestion, and contains the vitamins in it, once in a week or twice in a month this can be served to your family members.

Rasam can be served in place of soup as an appetizer or can be served along with rice.


Rasam can be served along with rice or as a soup.  When the ingredients are having medicinal properties, it is also more beneficial.  Rasam is a watery dish served along with rice normally.  When you are having cough and cold, it is the best to bring taste in  your mouth.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


This recipe  is lying in my draft for a long time and could not publish it3 Chuku, milagu, Kandan thippali rasam my mother used to make when we are down with cough, cold and fever.  In fact, the grandma's recipes are quite healthy and good to try before we run to the doctor now a days.

Thippali, when my brother went to native place, asked him to get it from there as I was not knowing where will I get here and no time to go around and find out.

Since I am down with fever and cold, I thought I will make this.  Frankly speaking, rasam is always favourite of mine and my elder brother.  Nothing like rasam rice, any time, we love it.

Some people think rasam is made only when you are sick.  But that is wrong.  It can be served as an appetizer, just have it as soup and of course with  steaming hot rice.

It is known as kanda thippali, thipli, pipli, long pepper etc. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014


One of my colleague always used to bring this tomato saar as she loves it along with the steamed rice and ghee.  For lunch, even I used to enjoy.  When I asked her the recipe, she was ready to share the same with me.

Tomato saar is made with tomatoes, coconut and spices.  This can be served as a soup and with steamed rice too.  You will need fully ripe tomatoes for this.  Very easy to prepare and  quite appetizing.  

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Rasam or chaaru or saaru is  a South Indian Soup traditionally prepared with tamarind  juice, with the addition of tomato, boiled lentils and spices.  Rasam varieties are endless.  This can be served as an appetizer.  Normally, it is a feeling in South Indian household that whenever you are having fever, rasam is prepared (normally served rasam rice).  

Normally the rasam is prepared with boiled lentils, but I have made it in a different way here.

But let me tell you that myself and my elder brother is quite satisfied with any kind of rasam and we love to eat the rice with rasam and chutta pappadam (roasted papad).  We do not want anything more than that.

Coming back to the Orange rasam, it is prepared with the orange juice and rind.  Today, my husband is bit unwell and the servant did not turn up for making rotis.  Hence he told me to prepare rasam  rice for him.  while preparing rasam,i happened to see one orange lying in the fridge. Hence thought of utilising the same.  It was really awesome and I could not resist myself I just drank the bowlful of piping hot rasam, really enjoyed.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Rasam can be served with rice as well as an appetizer.  Yesterday I made the onion rasam as I was having a sour throat and did not want to eat.  I had this hot  rasam and was relieved a bit.  In fact, along with rice, it was very tasty.

Onion rasam is made with onion, tomato and no dal is used for this preparation.  Very easy to make and tasty too.  I am sharing this recipe with you and pretty sure that you all will like it. Try the onion rasam kichadi

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Rasam is always served during feast.  When you are having very bad cough, cold, fever, especially  during rainy season, hot rasam is a boon.  One of my aunt used to prepare this rasam mostly during rainy season as myself and my brother used to love it with hot steaming rice.

It is a very simple rasam without involving much ingredients, vegetables or rasam powder.

Kottu rasam
watch youtube: kottu rasam


Rasam is my favourite dish.  I prefer to drink it before having my meal always.  The hot rasam is an appetizer too for me.   When you are having cough, cold, fever, this is very good for tickling the taste bud.  Since last few days, when I saw the tamarind tree bloomed with full of flowers, I decided to pluck it and make some dishes out of it.  I made rasam, tamarind flower  chutney and  tamarind flower mango pachadi out of it and tell you do not miss the chance, if you get fresh flowers.

The flowers are also equally sour  like the tamarind.  so when you use it according to your taste buds, increase / decrease the quantity of the flowers in the recipe.  Since I cannot have much sour foods, I have reduced the quantity in the recipe.

watch youtube:  tamarind flower rasam,   neem-flower-rasam-vepampoo-rasam-rasam,  tomato rasam,  milagu rasam,  water melon rasam,  mango rasam, coriander rasam,  instant tomato rasam, kulith rasambeetroot-tomato-saar

Monday, 28 April 2014


Rasam is served with hot steamed rice.  It can be served as appetizer too.  I love to drink rasam and rasam rice is my favourite as well as my brothers.  we  want only roasted papad with it.    Yesterday, I made mango rasam and it was awesome.  Today I made this watermelon rasam and the result I leave it to you.

watch youtube: water melon rasam

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Mango rasam is very flavourful and tasty along with steamed rice, papad, beans poriyal or cabbage thoran.  When I made it, I was thrilled as it was very very tasty and decided to post the same to share with you all.  In fact, I made use of the GUTLIS, in a way, best out of waste recipe.  It is very simple, easy to make.

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Youtube: mango rasam 1  mango rasam 2

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Rasam is served hot with plain rice during feasts.  Normal days also, we make rasam at home. there are varieties of rasams viz. kulith rasam, tomato rasam, vepampoo rasam, milagu rasam, beetroot tomato saar etc.  

Coriander rasam is a made with the stems of coriander and is a best out of waste dish.  Normally, after removing the leaves of coriander, we simply throw this.  But some people when they make rasam, they just crush and put the stems in the rasam.

I thought of making use of it and the rasam turned out to be very good.  This can be served as an appetizer and with rice too.
Coriander rasam

WATCH YOUTUBE: coriander rasam    coriander rasam


Rasam can be made using various methods.  Here I am presenting a simple rasam without any dal and tamarind.  This goes well with plain rice, vada etc.  You can also serve this as an appetizer.  watch youtube: tomato rasam

Now let us look at the recipe now:

Monday, 31 March 2014


Neem flower rasam is made during the Tamil, Telugu New year day.  Sour,  bitter, sweet, salt & spice  everything is mixed and the same should continue in the following days that is why on the new year day, these kind of dishes are made

Neem flower can be purchased form the Tamilians stores or if you have the tree nearby, can collect the flowers.  Yesterday, I had been to the market to buy certain things for the GUDI PADVA, i.e. the New year day of Maharashtrians, I happened to see the bunches of neem leaves full of flower and could not resist myself from buying the bunch as the New Year is on April 14, Monday, 2014, I wanted to make the rasam or raita or thogayal  or pachadi out of it.  

Neem flower, vepampoo

This recipe is lying in my folder since last year and I forgot about it.  I thought I had already posted it.  when I was checking it today, found that I have not posted it.  Hence sacrificing my sleep, I decided to upload the same and then go to sleep.

If you put them in a paper, pack it tightly and keep it in fridge and forget.  you will get the dried flowers.  there is no need to keep them in the hot sun for drying or you can use the fresh flowers too.

Vepampoo rasam, neemflower rasam

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Rasam can be serve as an appetizer and along with steamed white rice.  This is basically prepared for the feast in South India also for festival, is an integral part.  Various types of rasam are made, but here I am presenting the rasam which is normally made when we are down with fever.  Myself and my brother love rasam rice any time.  My aunty used to make Kottu rasam or Gottu rasam it is called, we used to love this along with chutta appalam (roasted papad).  I have already posted another way of preparing this rasam.  this is the second method.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Rasam is a watery dish served after having sambar rice in Southern States.  It is a good appetiser too.  Various types of rasams are made viz. tomato rasam, mysore rasam, milagu rasam etc.  recently one of my cousin visited our house.  she is also equally interested in cooking like me so she shared the recipe.

Rasam is one of the  dish we really enjoy. myself and my elder brother is very fond of it.  my mami used to make goddu rasam or kottu rasam.  we love to eat rice with this rasam and nothing else is required.

muthira rasam, kulith rasam, horsegram rasam


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