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Saturday, 8 October 2016


We make veppilakkati with the narathanga elai.  I had plucked some leaves to prepare the veppilakkati but somehow I could not make it.   The leaves were left like that and dried up.  So thought of making milagai podi with it and turned out to be awesome for the idli, dosa.

I do not know whether anyone has tried this recipe.  I always look for a unique recipes with the ingredients available, I thought let me try with it and the end result is yummy.

Hope you will also make use of the same.  The leaves have to be dried up.  I had left it in a plate as it is and got dried up.  If you keep it for a week, it is enough to go ahead with the milagai podi recipe.

We use the leaves for making chaas, that is sambaram.  you have to crush the leaves with rock salt in your hand and then put in the butter milk and keep for sometime.  the flavour  in it is really appetising.  this leaf is part of Thai cuisine.
Let us look at the recipe now:

 kafir lime  leaves in cullinary use link here

Sunday, 15 May 2016


I have posted today Kollu Kalathu podi, Flaxseed Kalathu Podi, Kalathu podi or Parippu podi it is known as which is a dry dal spice powder served along with rice.  Since you all must have got the idea of the kalathu podi after reading the same, I am not explaining here much about it as it is really awesome powder which I love to eat with idli and dosa too.

I had some  kariveppila podi and all the above podis.  I mixed everything together and prepared rice to have with it.  It was really yummy.

Let us look at the recipe now:


Kalathu podi is made out of various dals, a dry powder to be served along with hot plain steaming rice and gingelly oil.  We used to have this along with fried papad, vadam, karuvadam etc.  It is also known as Parippu podi.

This is a speciality of Palakkad Tamil Brahmins.  When you ran out of any vegetables at home or bored of making anything, simple plain rice along with this powder and ghee or gingelly oil is sufficient enough to fill the stomach.

It can be prepared with multiple dals or with a single dal.  Here I have chosen the Chana dal.  I have prepared today the Kollu kalathu podi and flaxseed kalathu podi.

Let us look at the recipe now:


Today, with the help of my aunty Chembagarm, I prepared the Kollu Kalathu podi.  Similarly, I tried the same with the flaxseed and it was awesome.  other flax seed recipes:

1)  Flaxseed thogayal  2)  pumpkin flaxseed gun powder  3) flaxseed kajur ladoo  4)  Instant flaxseed dosa

Kalthu podi is a dry powder which can be stored for a month if you keep in a airtight container carefully.  If you are bored of preparing any curries with the rice, do not worry, you can use this and will love it.

This is a Palakkad recipe (my mom from Palakkad).  Normally, various dals are used to make this powder but we can choose any one of the item too.

Since flaxseed has got many health benefits, I thought of trying the same with it.

Let us look at the recipe now:


Kollu  (Tamil) means horsegram.  It is also known as Muthira in Malayalam, Kulith or Kulthi in Hindi.  This can be used as sprouts, or as it is after soaking in water overnight.  We can make rasam, thogayal, puzhukku,  etc. out of it.

It is good for health.  In South India various dals are mixed, powdered with red chilli and pepper.  This powder is put in plain rice with little seasame oil and consumed a morsel or two my mother used to give us.  Afterwards, we used to have our regular food.  This is quite tasty.  I have posted :  horse-gram-curry-muthira-curry-kulith.html,  rasam, sharbat.

This morning I was talking to my mother aunty, Mrs. Chembagam, she always encourage me to post various old recipes and also used to share with me, she reminded me about the kollu kalathu podi.  Though my mother used to make this, I forgot about it and my aunty happily shared the recipe. 

Horsegram is or kulith or muthira it is called, is  rich in B-complex vitamins,  proteine and  highly nutritious.  

It is  commonly prescribed in ayurvedic medicine for conditions like difficult breathing, cough, gastric problems, ulcers, worm infections and excessive perspiration. Some alternative medicine experts even consider horse gram as a good remedy to control joints pain. It can be also used as a natural health tonic.    It tones up the digestive system and prevents acidity and flatulence.  

People suffering from spleen enlargement, colic and weak liver can also benefit from this plants medicinal properties. People with kidney stones, hypertension, gall stones also benefit from its intake.  

Similarly, I prepared  Flaxseed kalathu podi today.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Curry leaves have got several medicinal properties and helps in curing stomach related ailments, grow hair etc.  I have posted few curry leaves recipes and the links are here:

I have already posted curry patta idli,  curry patta idli fry, curry patta rice,  curry leaves kuzhambu, curry leaves kuzhambu rice,  curry patta gun powder,  curry leaves mor kuzhambu,   curry leaves adai,  curry leaves dhokla etc. 

I am very fond of this powder along with hot rice and ghee or gingelly oil.  My mom used to make this for us and one urula (morsel) of rice is compulsory to have it with ghee or gingelly oil before the normal food we eat.

Today is MOM's day and I dedicate this to my mother.  The dish was forgotten for some time and  my sister in law reminded me about this as I was having some stomach related issues.

Now let us look at the recipe now:

Saturday, 15 August 2015


Bitter gourd milagaipodi is made with little fried bitter gourd and milagai podi.  If you have liking for bitter gourd then only you try this as it tastes slightly bitter.

This can be served with Idli, dosa and with steamed rice, ghee or seasame oil too.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


curry powder is made out of rice, methi seeds and red chillies.  This powder is made and kept ready with us always.  It can be used for any stir fried vegetables as it absorbs the moisture in the subzi and make it completely dry.  Another variety of curry powder shared with is  here.

curry powder

Saturday, 1 November 2014


Curry leaves have got many medicinal values.  Hence it is always better to eat them along with the food and think before throwing it out in the dustbin.  I tried curry leaves idli, dhokla and the gun powder recently and was awesome.  

My friend was saying that she loved the curry patta  gun powder than the normal gun pwoder (milagai podi ) we make. 

It is a good source of vitamin A, calcium and folic acid.  few importance of curry leaves is given  below the recipe and am sure after reading that you will definitely not throw the curry leaves from the food.

My way of incorporating the same in the food is I always grind it wherever it is possible.  I have already posted curry leaves kuzhambu recipe and the curry leaves kuzhambu rice.  Here is another version of rice with the  curry patta gun powder.  

One of my friend gave me a lot of curry leaves which she grows in their farm hence I thought of trying all these recipes and was successful.  I am sharing with you all the recipe because it is not only awesome but has several health benefits.

curry leaves gun powder

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Sambara podi is a spicy coconut powder which can be served with oil like milagai podi (gun powder) for idli, dosa and with  dal rice, curd rice too.  You can use fresh coconut as well as after extracting the coconut milk, that coconut can be used.   after extracting the coconut milk, the coconut is spread on a plate for drying out little bit.  Then it is fried till brown and ground with roasted coriander, tamarind etc.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Sambar powder is one of the main ingredient in the South Indian kitchen.  Without sambar powder and rasam powder, the kitchen is incomplete.  Some people use the sambar powder only for making rasam, however, while preparing rasam, we add little bit of black pepper powder  and cumin powder  in it.

Sambar powder is made in different ways by different people.  I am presenting my way of preparing it here.  This can be powdered and stored for a month.  More than that I do not prefer because always fresh powder I prefer.

You can fry the ingredients and grind together with coconut for Arcachu Vitta Sambhar.

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Rasam powder is a part of spice powder in the store room of South Indian Households.  I prefer to make the powder as and when required for the freshness and aroma of the same.  You can make the powder and keep it for a month's requirement if you are a regular user of this spice powder.  If not, whenever required, just make little and use it.  Normally, I use the sambar powder and add little bit of pepper powder for making rasam.

Rasam powder is made with chana dal, tuvar dal, dhania (coriander seeds), black pepper cumin seeds, curry leaves etc.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Monday, 9 December 2013


Here I am presenting the spice powder for making puliyodare.  It is very easy to make and can store it in airtight container. All you have to do is roast the spices and powder it. If you are using kopra, keep it in fridge.


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