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Sunday, 11 September 2016


Usli is prepared with tuvar dal, chana dal and some vegetables viz. beans, cluster beans, flat beans etc.  It is a nice side dish for rice varieties and I would love to eat the same with chapAti too with some liquid subzi ofcourse.

Every time, we make urid dal stuffing for making the namkeen kozhukkattai for Ganesh Chaturthi.  This time I wanted to change the age  old tradition and decided to make the pariuppu usli with beans. 

  It was nice and we really enjoyed along with the sweet modakam.

I am sure you will also love this.  So let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Hi friends, Ganesh Festival is on and I am sure I am not late to post this recipe.  We all are aware of making various kinds of modak or modakam for ganesha the destroyer of obstacles  known as vignaharta too.

I keep one and half days ganpati at home and do the pooja like Maharashtrians as well as South Indian.  Pooja is performed the way we perform chanting the 108 mantras of  Ganesha.  Aarti I follow the Maharashtrian style.

The idea came to my mind to keep Ganesha for 3 years in 2009.  When I expressed my views at home, my son said not this year, next year.  I was bit disappointed and had to agree with his views.  Unfortunately that year my mother in law passed away.  But the Ganesha had to come to our house.

You will wonder how?  My husband used to listen to the radio programme in which Malishka, the RJ announced that the third and ninth caller will get an eco friendly ganpati.  My husband was the third caller and we got the ganpati and was brought  home.  It was such a beautiful ganpati.

 However, we started  bringing the idol and performing pooja from 2010 onwards.

Till today, however, I am continuing by the grace of god though I had planned to keep only for 3 years.

Coming back to the recipe.  For neivedyam I was thinking what to make and tried this modak which was not very sweet but liked by everyone.

Friday, 13 September 2013


Javarisi ladoo or modak, since so many days, i was thinking of making this but could not make it.  Recently was busy with Ganesh Festival and modak preparations, this item just slipped out of mind.  Today, when i saw the packet of sabudana, thought of trying this recipe.

Sabudana ladoo and modak

Whenever i make a new item, i always make in small quantity.   So tried with half cup of  sabudana and tell you it was a successful dish for my blog.  Sharing with you, have a look at the recipe.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Suzhiyam, Suzhiyan, Seeyam, Suyam, Susiyan, Suya Urundai, Sukhiyan

Sukhiyan is a  very simple and easy preparation with urid dal batter and the mixture of coconut and jaggery.  It is any time snack for us as i love this very much.  whenever i make poornam or saaran of coconut and jaggery, i never miss to make this.  It is also known as
Suzhiyam / Suzhiyan / Seeyam / Suyam / Susiyan / Suya Urundai / Poorna kozhukattai.  

Sukhiyan, Sugiyan

It is a deep fried  dumpling with sweet filling inside

Normally, in Kerala, it is made out of Moong (Green gram) and served with tea.  here i am presenting with the coconut jaggery mix.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


 Paneer choco modak is another variety of modak which i made today for the ganesh festival.  as much as recipes, i have tried to post for the benefit of viewers.  Hope you all will enjoy this festival by making atleast one or two from this lot.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Ganesha Chaturthi is the Hindu festival celebrated on the birthday (rebirth) of Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati.
It is believed that Lord Ganesh bestows his presence on earth for all his devotees during this festival. It is the day Shiva declared his son Ganesha as superior to all the gods, barring Vishnu, Lakshmi, Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and traditionally invoked at the beginning of any new venture or at the start of travel.

This year it is on 9th September 2013

Sandesh Modak


Anything you mix with sugar, jaggery, milk, the sweet dish tastes awesome.  Now ganesh festival is ahead, everyone will be trying out new recipes to welcome the Lord, Vinayaka, Vignesh, Vignaharta.  Since i am bored of making the same old green gram modak, coconut modak, urid dal modak, sesame seed modak, tried today the modak with matki and came out very well.  Everyone liked it hence i am sharing with you the recipe.


Urad dal dumpling is made during Ganesh Festival.  Basic ingredient is urad dal and it is delicious especially when served hot.  This is another variety of modak made for neivedyam.

During the festival, varieties of modaks are made sweet as well as savoury.


VEG SPICY DUMPLINGS are made with rice flour, vegetables and spices.  This is a nice snack item which can be served in the evening with a cup of tea or coffee. It is not only healthy but an easy way to feed the children with the vegetables.

Friday, 6 September 2013


I am here again with another recipe of modak.  It is very easy to make.  You need chutney dal, sugar, ghee and cardamom powder, ginger powder etc.  This can be prepared in advance and stored in airtight containers separately.  Since it needs little space, you cannot keep one on top of the other.  adjust the same accordingly as shown in the picture and handle carefully.


After making a steamed variety of modaks, make some fried variety during this festival and enjoy. Also seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha.  Fried modak is made out fava, maida,milk and dry coconut.


Churma moda is made out of wheatflour, semolina, sugar, ghee.  This is yet another varieties of modaks which you can make for Prasad during the ganesh festival.


As I told you varieites of modaks were prepared by us last year specially for the ganesh festival which were published in Times of India.  I am sharing with you another varieity i.e Chocolate and Kaju Modak.  Who will not like chocolate and Kaju.  This is for the chcolate and kaju lovers.  a very easy and interesting recipe

Dates and Rajgirah Modak

The festival of Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated all parts of the country with great enthusiasm.  Everyone is eagerly waiting for bringing the Lord Ganesha in their homes, complex etc which is only two days away.  Be prepared to make some special modaks to welcome the God.

Rajgirah  is a flour made from the seeds of a plant called amaranth. There are many members of the amaranth family. Some are grown primarily for their seeds, which are treated as a grain, others are decorative, and some are considered weeds. All are edible. Amaranth flour is used in making pastas and baked goods. 


Last year during ganesh festival, we made lots of varieties of modak which were published in Times of India.  Some of the recipes  I  am posting one by one out of it.

Here is Besan Modak or bengal gram modak.   It is made out of besan with pure ghee and powdered sugar.


To welcome the Lord Ganesha, Vignahartha, I have already posted two to three varieites of savory version of modaks.  Now is the turn to post a sweet variety which in every household we make it for varalakshmy vratham, pooja too.

Sweet varieties are prepared with whole green gram, chana dal, coconut, seasame seed and the variety is endless.

Naralachi modak, vella kozhukkattai

Tilachi modak, Seasame seed dumplings, sesame seed kozhukkattai..

During ganesh festival, varieties of modaks are prepared.  One among them is the Tilachi modak, seasame seed dumplings or sesame seed.  Sesame seeds with coconut, jaggery and peanuts as a filling is quite delicious for those who are fond of sweet varieites.  today sitting at home with little fever, decided to post few recipes ahead of Ganesh Festival  when I was able to sit for sometime.

People are coming out with innovative ideas and the market is flooded with colourful modaks.  But let us not forget the traditional method of making the modaks.


During ganesh festival, various types of modaks are made for neivedyam.  During the last Ganesh Festival, children from our complex made lots of eco friendly ganeshas and modaks made by ladies were published in Times of India.

Here is another savoury version of modak ahead of ganesh chaturthi  which is on 9th September 2013.  This rice dumplings are made very easily without much hassles and is a nice snacks too on normal days.


God Bless All


Ganesh Chaturthi is on 9th of this Month and everybody in Mumbai is thrilled to welcome the Elephant God Shri Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles. We have one and a half day Ganpati at home and in our Complex,it is 5 days.  Children are busy with their studies one side and another side, practicing dance for the ganesh festival.

Ladies are busy with the preparation of various cuisines for the festival one among them is MODAK.  Sweet or savoury, we enjoy all kind of dishes during the festival.


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