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Sunday, 3 April 2016


Summer started and we get lot of mangoes, jackfruits during this season.  We make pickles out of tender mangoes called vadu mangai and with the matured mangoes also pickles are  made.  Similarly, we make Idichaka thoran with tender jackfruit and puzhuku.  With the jackfruit bulbs also we make puzhku, pulinkari etc.  

Jam is prepared with the ripe jackfruit bulb and chips are made with raw jackfruit.  We had several trees in our house and varieties which I cannot express now as they all were very sweet and tasty.  

During our childhood, we really enjoyed this fruit.   My servant had gone to native place and yesterday she gave me  the tender jackfruit, tamarind etc.   I wanted to make the puzhuku as I realised that I have not posted the puzhuku.  Hence I decided to make the puzhuku with the tender jackfruit which I served along with Phulka.  It tastes very good with rice actually.

It is made with karamani and a simple preparation which goes well withe Chapati, Phulka and rice also.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Jack fruit uttappa can be made with the batter made for jack fruit dosa.  For making uttappa, I made little masala for it to make it more richer and tastier.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Seasonal dishes I never fail to make as they are only seasonal.  Jack fruit is available during March to June (prefer not to buy in June as the water seeps into it as a result does not taste good).  The sweet bulbs can be eaten as it is or can make chaka varati, elai adai, appam etc.

Since so many years, I never made this kozhukkatai as no one likes in my family. My children prefer to eat the fruit as it is.  This time, I  made it a point that I must make it atleast for the recipe purpose and the yield was only 5 kozhukkatai which I managed to distribute among my friends and finished it off.

This kozhukkatai is made with rice, jaggery and it is a very lovely dish if you like sweets.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Season of Jackfruit will get over once the monsoon starts.  After the rain, it will not be as tasty as the one we get during the summer.  Now grab the opportunity to make the seasonal dishes before the monsoon starts.

Today, I prepared jack fruit seed cutlets which was very tasty.  The seeds are naturally sweet little bit and the cutlet was awesome.  We can use the seeds for making chips  (jack fruit seed  chips) and subzi too.  I had some seeds with me which I used for making the cutlet.

Let us look at the recipe now:   watch youtube:  jack fruit seed cutlet

Friday, 16 May 2014


Chips are served during tea time apart from serving it during feast or with sambar rice, rasam rice, dal rice etc.  I prefer to have this at tea time especially when it is raining, with a cup of tea or coffee in the balcony watching the rain to munch it.

Jack fruit seed is also used in making avial, jack fruit seed subzi jackfruit-pulinkari-chakka-pulinkari,  jack fruit mezhukupuratti, a dry subzi made in Kerala, jack fruit seed kheer etc.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Jackfruit is available during summer.   We can make varieties of dishes out of it viz. Idichakka thoran, Puzhuku, chips, kheer, jam and a curry too. Seeds are used for making varuval, kheer and it is a part of avial too.   During mango/jackfruit season, we always prefer to have the dishes made out of this as it was available plenty in our house.  We never used to get bored of it.

This curry is made out of the ripe one and is very tasty which goes well with rice, chapati. It is a very simple and easy dish to make.  In most of the Kerala houses, during the season, the dishes made out of this served atleast four days in a week.

Let us look at the recipe now:

jackfruit pulinkari      jackfruit pulinkari

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Idichakka thoran or tender jackfruit thoran is a seasonal dish as the jackfruit is available from  February-March till  May.  Every Kerala house will have jackfruit and mango tree at the backyard.  When the season starts, everyone will be preparing this dish to be served with sambar rice, rasam rice etc.

I remember my mother making this.  She will cut the jackfuit  into big chunks and boil with salt and turmeric powder.  when it cools down, she will ask me to pound the same  in the ammikkal. Ammikkal is a flat stone with kuzhavi (see the picture at the bottom), the olden days grinding stone.   During childhood,it was fun doing this job.

Cutting the jackfruit is real pain as it oozes out the white gums  (latex) which is quite sticky.  It will get stuck to the knife as well as in your hand hence we have to oil our palm and  the knife before starting this process.  It can be removed by applying oil on your hand but in the knife, after applyin oil, just heat it up little bit, bubbling gums can be removed with a paper.   another way is to apply detergent after oil wash and then wipe with paper towel.

Normally, in Kerala, while preparing this dish, they add garlic and onion too, but in our home, we do not use this.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Jackfruit kheer, jackfruit payasam, chakka pradhaman whatever you call is a very delicious kheer made out of jackfruit, jaggery and coconut milk with fried coconut bits in it adds flavour to it.  We can make jackfruit jam and preserve it.  whenever we want, we can make pradhaman out of it.  It is a part of occasion, feast in Kerala as jackfruit is available in abundance.  Here I have made the kheer with only 3 pcs of jackfruit which will suffice only for one person.


Jack fruit jam is made and preserved in fridge during the season.  It is quite a hectic job to make this as it will splash around all over when you are making in bulk.  Still the effort is work as the jam is very delicious.  The same can be served with adai, as a bread spread and can make kheer (pradhaman ), elai appam etc.  out of it. Jackfruit kheer or chakka pradhaman is a famous payasam of Kerala.

Here I am giving you a recipe of very very small quantity

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Jackfruit is loved by everyone.  We can make subzi out of tender jackfruit  puzhuku (with karamani or known as cow pea), chips can be made with raw fruit, ripe one can be eaten as it is or varieties of dishes are made viz jam, elai adai etc.  The seeds are also used for making subzi.jackfruit-seed-subzi

Here I have prepared kofta out of the tender jackfruit with masalas and it is really yummy.  It was liked by my family as well as neighbours.


I have already posted  Jackfruit kofta curry.  Now I am posting the recipe of Jackfruit kofta curry with dal.  It is somewhat similar to the parippu urundai kuzhambu (dal balls made with dal and sambar powder) and goes well with chapati and white rice too.  Let us have a look at the recipe now


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