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Sunday, 3 April 2016


OLIYA is a pudding with rice and yoghurt with lots of dry fruits in it and is a festive dish.    If you wish, you can also put fresh fruits in it.  This dish  I tasted from my neighbour who is a Jain Marwadi.  She always share with us whatever she made and this dish was new to me. Today, they are supposed to have only cold food for which they make the same on the previous day and keep in fridge. The festival is called Shitla Satam.

We used to have Pal chadam ie. Rice with milk and sugar or sugar candy added in  curd rice.  But this I never thought would taste so good. Though we make sweet lassi, I did not even think of making this rice.

It is really tasty and you would also love this.  Once in a while, you can switch over to this dish rather than having the regular curd rice.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Karadayan nombu adai is made for the Nombu by South Indians.  Normally, it is made with roasted rice flour  both  sweet and savory.  I tried the same with ragi  both savory and sweet and was quite good. 

Recently, one of my friend gave me the savory version  made with coarse ground rice.  It was quite tasty and hence I thought of trying with the idli rava.  I had a packet of rava lying in my fridge so I took the opportunity to try the same.  Since I did not have the stock of Karamani, I made it without that and was quite tasty.

Shall post the photographs after making the same with karamani (black eyed pea, lobia) shortly but presently posting the photo without that.  The preparation is very simple.

Let us look at the recipe now:

idli rava nombu adai

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Nombu is one month ahead which is on 15th March 2015, here is a special dish for you.  Nombu adai is made during the festival Karadayan Nombu celeberated by Tamilians.  Normally it is made out of the roasted  rice powder.  Considering the health issues, I tried with the ragi flour today and was awesome.  when I made ragi string hopper (sevai, noolputtu), today, I tried this also.

For a change, you can try this on the nombu day ie. on 15th March 2015.

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Manoharam murukku is also known as “Paruppu Thengai” is a traditional festive sweet.  This is frequently prepared in Southern part of India for most of the festivals and especially South Indian Weddings, is a must.

A Wonderful sweet that you will enjoy any time of the day.  My mother in law  prepares this  very often as it is my son's favourite.      When she used to prepare, I always used to help her out.  Since she is no more, the sweet was  forgotten as I never ventured to prepare this alone, though I used to tell everyone that my son reminds me of my mother in law for preparing the “Vella dosa”, Appalam Kuzhambu & Manoharam.

I never wrote the recipe in  my book but faintly remembered that she prepared the same with Besan i.e. kadala mavu or chick pea flour.  But when I searched in the net, everyone has adopted the thenkuzhal recipe which I was not willing to follow and was in search of the original recipe of my mother in law. 

Recently, my sister in law called up and the topic of Manoharam was discussed.  Then I checked with her and also with my mami and a friend of mine and the recipe of the three was similar.  Hence, I decided to try my hand on it and was successful in the first attempt.  But my son was very particular about it and he told me that the glaze and colour was not matching with “Thattima’s “  (Grandma) Manoharam.  Unfortunately, the jaggery which I had  was tasting bit salty.  Since I was trying it for the first time without my MOM in laws help, I prepared with a small quantity and was thrilled that it tasted awesome.

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Poha coconut pak is a  simple and easy sweet dish for the neivedyam.  This can be prepared so quickly for your unexpected guests too as the ingredients are always available at home.  If you get the  naadan aval " brown colour one which is very tasty and healthy too, tastes heavenly.  You can make Poha  modak also out of this.

Monday, 17 March 2014


Karadaiyan Nombu is a traditional fasting festival of the Tamil Brahmins in which the married women pray for the well being and long life of her husband. It is celebrated during the transition of Tamil months Maasi and Panguni. 

There is a story behind it.  Savithri brought back her husband from "Yama".  To celebrate this, she picked up some mud in the jungle and made the adai out of it.  the rice powder resembles the mud and the cow pea resembles the stones.   In short, it is followed by the women for the well being of her husband and long life.

This special dish during this festival made is called Nombu Adai. It is made in two ways one is sweet and aother savoury. Here is the savory version link:    nombu-uppu-adai-nombu-adai-savoury

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Karadaiyan Nombu is a traditional fasting festival observed by tamil brahmins. The married women pray for the well being and long life of their husband. It is celebrated during the transition of tamil months Maasi and Panguni. 

A sweet adai or vella adai is made for the neivedyam.  It is made out of rice flour and jaggery and steamed like idli.  It  is called the karadaiyan nombu adai.   Sweet adai, vella adai 

It can be made in savory too which can be served as evening snacks on normal days.  All the festival items are we make only during festivals and on normal days, we feel lazy to make it.  But certain items can be prepared for breakfast or for evening snacks.  This savory version I make it frequently like we make the uppu kozhukkatai which we make for Ganesh Festival.

Nombu adai, savory , uppu adai

Let us look at the recipe now:


Thandai is basically made with almonds, pistachios, milk and sugar.  This is a summer cooler and healthy too. It is associated with festivals viz. Mahashivaratri and Holi  and we used to gulp this chilled drink.  It is quite tasty especially when it is made with raw milk.   It is heavenly when the temperature soars and cools you down.

 My friend has shared this recipe with me which I am sharing with you all and am sure  will definitely like it.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


Pooran poli  is a sweet bread made out of wheat flour, maida  for outer cover with  the stuffing of chana dal and jaggery.  It is basically a Maharashtrian dish and mostly are prepared during festivals especially for HOLI which is on 17th of March this year.

I love this dish and one of my colleague always used to bring this for me after the festival.  This can be served any time.  You can make the puran ahead and keep it in fridge.  whenever you want to make the poli, only have to prepare the dough.

Puran Poli

Friday, 28 February 2014


Avial is prepared with various kind of vegetables in coconut based gravy.  It is the speciality of Tamilians as well as Keralities.  During the feast, this is one of the main dish which is served.  By mixing up the vegetables, all the nutrients, fibers, vitamins and minerals are made available in one dish.

It is a very tasty main dish as well as side dish.  This can be served with rice, roti.


Thursday, 20 February 2014


Dal vada or parippu vada is made out of tuvar dal and chana dal.  we can serve this along with a cup of tea or coffee for evening snack.  This item is also served during feasts but can enjoy any time.  My children call it as  P VADA.

You can add onion also while making this vada, however, for festivals, we do not use onions.

It is a tea time snack normally.


Thursday, 9 January 2014


Ven pongal is made usually by Tamilians for Pongal.  It is served as breakast too.  For wedding and all, this is compulsory in Tamil Nadu for Breakfast as I have observed with medu vada, chutney and sambar.   This is named as Kichadi in North India. and served hot with Kadhi, papad and pickle.   It is made with rice, moongdal, pepper corns, cumin seeds etc. The ghee and fried cashewnuts adds flavour to it.  I have also prepared this with Samo rice or Moriyo rice.  
I have also posted Dalia Ven Pongal. &   moriyo-ven-pongal-sama-rice-ven-pongal.html  


Pongal festival is on 14th of this month, I thought of sharing some pongal recipes.   Ven pongal is a South Indian dish served for breakfast.    Basically, it is a mixture of rice and moongdal cooked  with pepper corns, cumin seeds etc. garnished with cashewnuts and served with chutney or  sambar.  You serve it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the hot pongal like khichadi  made in North India is all time favourite.  I have seen this given as prasadam in temples too.  moriyo-ven-pongal-sama-rice-ven-pongal.html

Here is the variation with lapsi or dalia it is called.   Normally it is prepared with moongdal but I have added some vegetables too in it to enhance the taste as well as to make it more attractive for children to eat this.  


1/2  cup lapsi (medium size) (broken wheat)
2 cups water
1/2 cup masoor dal
1 tbsp finely chopped french beans
1 tbsp finely chopped carrots
1 tbs green peas (optional)
1 tbs finely chopped potatoes
1 tbs each of bell peppers (red, green and yellow)
1/4 tsp crushed black pepper/cumin
1/4 tsp whole black pepper
grated coconut (optional)
turmeric powder a pinch
curry leaves
1 tsp  oil
1 tsp ghee


1 tsp ghee


Wash the lapsi,  masoor dal, keep aside. You can use moong dal.  If you are using moongdal, dry roast the same till nice aroma comes, do not burn.  In a kadai, heat the oil and ghee, add the curry leaves, crushed black pepper/cumin, whole black pepper, asafoetida.  add the veggies and saute for a minute. add the water, turmeric powder, salt and bring to a boil.  add the lapsi/masoor dal, mix and cover it.  cook till it is done.
in case you feel that it is not cooked, add some hot water.   fry the cashews and garnish.  lapsi ven pongal is ready. 
serve hot with coconut chutney, sambar or any other chutneys.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Thiruvathira Kali is made out of rice, moongdal  and jaggery as main ingredients by Tamils along with thalagam or kavathu puzhukku. In Kerala, Koova kali is made  along with puzhukku.   Koova means arrow root.  this kali is served along with a vegetable viz. thalagam or puzhukku which is made out of 5 or 7 vegetables like Potato, sweet potato, yam, raw banana, avarakka (broad beans, papdi), carrot, pumpkin, colacasia, & Asiatic yam in English and Perumvalli Kizhangu in Tamil.

Thiruvathira is cleberated on full moon day in the month of Dhanu Masam as per Malayalam calendar and also as the birthday of Lord Shiva on the day of star Thiruvathira.  This festival is celeberated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Ladies get up early morning, take bath, prepare the kali and kootu or thalagam and offer this as Neivedyam to the Lord. They visit the temple for ardra darshanam.  Girls and ladies enjoy the swings, a dance known as "Kai kotti Kali" is also  performed by ladies by certain  community in Kerala.

THALAGAM (mix veg curry)

Thalakam, mix veg curry is made with various vegetables in coconut and white seasame seed paste gravy.  This is served along with roti, rice and also with Thiruvathira kali a sweet dish made out of rice powder with jaggery during Thiruvathira.


Kavathu puzhuku, kootu  or asian yam subzi is very simple and easy to make.  My mother used to make this during Thiruvathira festival along with thiruvathira-kali.  Normal days also, she used to make to have it with rice.  During thirvathira, along with kavathu, we also put some other vegetables and it goes well with rice, chapati too.

Monday, 9 December 2013


Puliyodare or puliyogare it is known as is made with tamarind pulp and spice powder.  This is the speciality of South Indian dishes and in temples it is served as Prasadam specially in Balaji Temples.  The taste is awesome when it is served hot with papad.  We can make the tamarind paste and store in fridge and whenever you want to make it, only cook the rice.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Puffed rice urundai, Pori Urudai

Karthigai Deepam is a festival of lights celebrated in the Tamil month of Karthigai, in Malayalam Vrischikam.   In the evening huge rangolis or kolams are drawn and lamps are lit.  It is a beautiful sight.  I love to draw rangoli and keep the vilaku.

This festival is celebrated according to my knowledge for the well being of brothers.  On this day, both Aval Pori - fried beaten rice and Nel Pori - puffed rice urundais or balls or as it is  are made with jaggery for neivedyam.   During this season, we get these two varieties of poris or murmuras or kurmuras.  We also make adai with vellam (jaggery) and white home made butter for neivedyam along with Nei appam.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


 Paneer choco modak is another variety of modak which i made today for the ganesh festival.  as much as recipes, i have tried to post for the benefit of viewers.  Hope you all will enjoy this festival by making atleast one or two from this lot.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Anything you mix with sugar, jaggery, milk, the sweet dish tastes awesome.  Now ganesh festival is ahead, everyone will be trying out new recipes to welcome the Lord, Vinayaka, Vignesh, Vignaharta.  Since i am bored of making the same old green gram modak, coconut modak, urid dal modak, sesame seed modak, tried today the modak with matki and came out very well.  Everyone liked it hence i am sharing with you the recipe.


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