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Saturday, 22 November 2014


Boondi laddu is made normally for Diwali, weddings etc.  For the  "Cheeru" means various kinds of Murkuu, laddu etc. are displayed in the mandap for the wedding and given to the Bride grooms family, ofcourse, it is distributed to the relatives of the bride too.

It is a sweet dish liked by everyone.  When my mother in law used to make this dish, I never bothered to see how she is making it and only will go for binding the same into beautiful small balls out it.  But once she was very adamant that I make the same and she will instruct me how to do it.  Though I learnt the technique from her how to make this, I never bothered to repeat the process till I tried the same for my elder brother's 25th Wedding anniversary two years back and uploaded the  boondi laddu  in  At that time, I was sharing my recipes with Dahlia, who inspired me to start my own blog.

Coming back to the recipe, it is basically made with bengal gram flour or besan it is known as and very delicious.  My mother in law will make the boondis and put them in the sugar syrup, mix up and keep aside  and she will bind the same next day only.  But I made it after 2 hours and the same came out very well.

In this recipe, there is a slight variation, I have not used rice four.  Today is my silver wedding anniversary (25th), and made it for the party.

watch on you tube
Boondi ladduboondi laddu,  boondi laddu     

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Thenkuzhal is a murukku variety prepared for diwali and krishna jayanti.  It is made out of rice flour and urid dal flour.  We can also make them with dalia powder (pottukadala podi or chutneydal powder).

You can use the home made rice flour or store bought one.  Sometimes, the store bought ones are not proper hence I prefer to make the rice flour at home.  It is a very easy and tasty muruku variety can be served with  tea or coffee.

video thenkuzhal

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Besan ladoo is also one of the diwali recipes which Maharashtrians make along with Karanji.  I have already posted the Besan Modak.  The ingredients and methods are same.  For ladoo, we make small balls out of it and for Modak, we shape into a modak with the modak mould.  that is the only difference.  shall post the picture  soon.


We are familiar with coconut laddu, coconut burfi, besan laddu, boondi laddu etc.  what about  coconut maida laddu.  When I posted this, I realised that the Besan Ladoo post is pending.

Few other diwali recipes

Rava pak,  kaju katli, diwali lehyamcorn flakes chivda, karanji, 5 cup burfi, ukkarai  mysore pak, coconut burfi, ribbon pakoda, shakar para

When I was making besan laddu, it just flashed in my mind that I must make something with maida too.  When I tried this recipe, came out well.  Initially, i tried it with very little quantity without measuring the ingredients, some how, it was not bad.  Hence tried the same with proper measurement and was a hit.  Though I am too late to post my diwali recipes, hope you all will make an attempt to make this too.

Let us look at the recipe now;


1 and  1/2 cup maida
1/2 cup grated coconut
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup ghee
cardamom powder
1/2 cup roasted nuts crushed


Heat the ghee in kadai, add maida and roast the same till the raw smell goes and the colour changes do not worry, switch off gas and keep aside.   In another kadai, put the sugar and 1/4 cup water to melt the same.  add the grated coconut, cardamom powder and keep on stirring till you reaches one to two thread consistency.  Switch off gas and start slowly mixing the roasted maida, nuts  in it till you get a ball out of it.  apply little ghee on your palm, when it is  hot, bearable heat, start making laddus.  You need around 2-3 people to make the laddus immediately.   In case the mixture becomes powdery,  add two tsp hot ghee and warm water, mix well and make the laddus.  can store in fridge for about a week.

NOTE:  you can put this in a greased plate and cut it into desired shape too.  The difference between besan laddu and coconut maida laddu is for besan laddu, when the besan mix becomes cool, we add the sugar in it.


Diwali festival is around the corner and everybody is in the kitchen trying out some savories and sweets.  This time, I thought of making something different in the sense, the ingredients as I am bored of the usual stuff which we make during the festival.

Since so many days, my husband has been telling me to make Oats chakli.  I made very little quantity in fact tried and came out well.  But some how, I could not post the same as so many other posts were pending with me,  which due to lack of time, could not as well as no camera to take out photos.

Now is the time to post the tried recipe which was repeated today as one of the Diwali special, I am sharing with you all the recipe.   Though I am too late to share, it can be made without much hassles as the rice flour and roasted chana dal will be definitely available with you all minus the oats. Oats is good for health. But when it comes to fried food, bit cautiousness comes to our mind whether to eat or not.  No matter, once in a while chalta hai especially festival season, your diet is going to haywire.  That is life, once in a while we have to enjoy, no matter what comes in.

The Oats chakli came out well, tasty and crispy, crunchy and was satisfied that I made something different in this season.  I had already posted Ribbon Pakoda which my friend Jayashree had shared with me long back in last year, I used the same ingredients plus the oats.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Coconut burfi is made with sugar and easy to prepare.  Whenever any guests unexpectedly visit us, for sweets, i used to prepare this within no time as I love this sweet.  Very simple and easy to make and relished by everyone.  For any occasion or whenever you feel like eating sweets, you can make this.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


5 Cup burfi is the speciality of my Mother in law. She is very fond of cooking and makes lots of items within no time.  This burfi was made by her once and I took the same to office and shared with my colleague Mrs. Vaidehi Kothari.  Now after a long period may be around 8-10 years, she remembered this recipe and asked me to post the same in the blog or send it to her for preparing the same for this Diwali.   Actually speaking, i had totally forgotten about this recipe.

Somehow I found my old book and also checked with my aunty how to make this and made it today.  Tell you it is a very delicious dish can be made within no time.

5 cup burfi is made with milk, besan, ghee, coconut, sugar and a very simple and easy sweet dish.   If you wish you can garnish with chopped dry fruits too.  You need not worry while preparing this item like the Mysore Pak.

Vaidehi, this one for you.   Thanks for reminding me of this recipe.

 Wish You all a Very happy diwali.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I have recently posted the recipe of Shakar para or Shankar pali it is called for Diwali.  This is another recipe which is made during diwali by Maharashtrians, Kannadigas and Andhrites.  Karanji  in Marathi, Karchikai in Kannada & Kajjikayalu in Andhra, is a dish made with Maida in half circle shape  with some filling inside.  The filling can be made in two ways.  I made  this during 90s and afterwards have not bothered to make it as you need minimum 3 people to make it if you are making in  large quantities.

Since I wanted to post the same in the blog for Diwali, I made an attempt to make it and it was real success.

watch the You tube to get an idea  8P2mF4-Ocrc


When  all bloggers and websites will be busy posting the ribbon pakoda, mysore pak, thenkuzhal, boondi, mixture etc. etc.  I am posting a different item here.

Shakar para or Shankar pali is a Maharashtrian dish specially made for Diwali.   It is a semi sweet fried dish can be served as snack too along with a cup of tea or coffee.    It is made out of Maida, Powdered Sugar and ghee.

Though I am too late to post the recipe for this festival, you need not worry as it can be prepared very easily.

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Varieties of sweets and savories are made during any festival, specially for Diwali.  A really different kind of  sweet dish for this year's Diwali is here for you.  It is very simple and easy to make.  Rava cake, rava pak you can name it anything is made with rava, milk, sugar and ghee.  Is bored of making the usual mysore pak, this sweet is an alternate one for you.  

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Whenever you make an item for the first time, must start with small quantity.  I tried making kaju katli with very less quantity of cashews and ended up in a mess.  I had to call my friend who is  an expert in all the work who taught me how to make kaju katli.  Kaju katli or kaju barfi is a very simple and easy to make sweet dish if you have the patience and willingness to learn anything and everything.

Kaju Katli is made out of kaju, sugar and little bit of cardamom powder and is very yummy.  when you can make it at home, why to run to the shop for buying it.  try with this small quantity and win the heart of everyone at home.

Let us see the recipe now:


Rava Ladoo or semolina ladoo or suji ladoo you can call it.  I never made this in my life time till today as somehow i did not bother to try it out.  Today, one of my cousin is coming to invite us for his only Son's wedding, I thought of trying my hand out.  Otherwise also, for this Diwali, I had planned to make the same.  So why not make a trial today.  To tell you, it was really nice and came out well even though it was my first attempt.

Rava ladoo is made with fine semolina, you can use the upma rava also( but must grind to a fine powder after roasting)  with sugar, ghee.  Since I am making it for the first time, i tried with only 1 cup of semolina and the end product was awesome.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Beaten rice  chivda or aval or poha it is called is easy to make if you keep the ingredients handy.  It is a nice snack, less oil and anyone can eat with tea/coffee.  Poha is dry roasted and some groundnuts and pottukadala or chuntney dal is added to this.


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