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Saturday, 20 May 2017


Kadala paruppu or bengal gram chutney is my favourite.  Always, the child hood memory flashes when I make this chutney.  One of my classmates, periamma i.e.  aunty  used to make this chutney along with phulkas on those days way back in 70's when I was a student,  I am talking about.  She used to cook the food  in the kummatty i.e. coal based stove.  The taste of that chutney and phulkas she used to give to us during those days,  I still remember.  However, today, I served it along with the dosa.

I prefer this chutney rather than the normal coconut chutney we make,  I am sure, you will also like this.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Saturday, 4 February 2017


Ber or Bhor it is known as is a sweet and sour fruit which is available in Indian market during the period November to March. 

It brings back the childhood memory as we used to go to pluck this near the Krishnan temple at Pallanchathanur where my  grandfather used to stay.  During vacation,  we used to go there and our time pass is this among other mischievous activities. It is a nutrient fruit with antioxidant properties and stimulates your immune system.  It is also rich in Vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, iron, and phosphorous. These nutrients will keep your skin healthy, and your scalp and hair in good  condition. 

Traditionally in India, the fruit is dried in the sun and the hard nuts are removed. Then, it is pounded with tamarind, red chillies, salt and jaggery.  In some parts of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, fresh whole ripe fruit is crushed with the above ingredients and dried under the sun to make cakes called ilanthai vadai or regi vadiyalu ) (Telugu).  This vadai I happened to taste when I went to Marudamalai in Coimbatore.  I was fascinated with the shape and colour of this and the fact that never tasted before, I purchased it for tasting.  I really liked it.

Various shapes and colours of ber is available in the market now.  I happened to see the green big ones looks like green tomato and tastes bit like a green  apple.  I purchased the same and cut it for tasting.  I felt the mild sweetness in it and thought of biting a green apple.  I made chutney, subzi and molagootal/kootu out of this and was excellent though you will not be able to identify the taste separately as you will feel that you have made it with the chow chow.  

Let us look at the recipe now and giving below a little brief about the fruit:

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


When I say papaya chutney, it is not the  normal chutney which we serve along with dosa, idli etc.  It is mixed with the dhokla crumble  and served along with the Fafda and  Jalebi.

Though it is named as chutney, it can be served as a side dish also minus the dhokla crumble.  I love to eat as it is without fafda and jalebi too as it is quite tasty.  I happened to eat this in one of our birthday party organized in the office long years ago.  When I started my blog, I wanted to post this recipe but some how I did not get the opportunity to share this.

Last week when I went to the market, I saw fresh raw papaya and decided to buy the same with the intention of making this chutney and the recipe is here 

Sunday, 15 May 2016


The season of Mango is on and varieties of pickles and chutneys are made with mango.  I prepared a simple chutney without coconut  to have it with only plain rice and ghee.

I am not giving you  much explanation about this chutney as you will be waiting to taste this after reading the recipe.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 8 May 2016


We make varieties of chutney for idli, dosa.  This chutney is dedicated to my friend's periyamma who used to make it along with phulka.  The hot phulkas made in coal is very delicious along with this chutney.  I cherish the memory of this dish even now though it has been more than 40 years have been passed.

In fact I learned to make chapati from her at the age of 12.  She always used to invite me to have this dish whenever she makes it, normally once in a week, as after learning to make chapati, I used to help her out to prepare the same as she was very old.

Now let us look at the recipe now:

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


BRINJAL CHUTNEY WITHOUT COCONUT is very easy to prepare and tastes good with dosa, idli.  If you grind them thick, you can use as Thogayal for dal rice, curd rice etc.
If your coconut consumption is limited due to any illness, we can try various chutneys with vegetables.  Since I made dosa today and do not want to use coconut, I tried this chutney and liked by every one.
This is the way to make may family members the brinjal otherwise, they do not like to have the subzis made out of this.
Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 6 March 2016


During summer season, we always buy lots of water melon and I used to preserve the white portion of it to make varieties of dishes out of it.   the link is here:    Rasam, curry, juice kootu,  kheer, dosa   halva, pickle.

The most liked one was the halva which I had sent to my husband's office for his birthday.  The chutney made out of the white portion of the water melon was very tasty with the dosa today.   You can always try some different varieties when you are bored of the regular chutneys served.

 Let us look at the recipe now:

Friday, 4 March 2016


Chutneys can be served with dosa, idli, upma etc.  I try various kinds of chutney  with vegetables, fruits which are easy to make and readily available at home.  Today I made Apple chutney to serve with dosa.  It was very delicious.  You can make this chutney with very few ingredients which are always available at home.

If you have grated coconut stored in the fridge, then you can make any kind of chutney at home very easily.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 31 January 2016


Flax seed has got many health benefits.  It helps in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.  It can be consumed as it is or in the form of chutney, powder, thogayal or can mix it in the roti flour while making roti.   I had shared the recipe of flaxseed chutney with flaxseed chutney.

Flax seed also linseed is an excellent source of two fatty acids that are essential for human health - linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid," but also, an excellent source of fiber and a good source of minerals  dietary fiber, mnganese, vitamin B1, Omega.

It also helps in prevention of hot flashes, controlling blood sugar, cholesterol etc.  One must always remember when you  have some advantages, there is also disadvantages.  Side effects associated with flax seed consumption are Flatulence, stomach pain, Nausea, constipation, diarrhea and bloating.  These are the information after browsing through the net.

Any item consumed moderately does not have much side effects.  Since I have triglycerides more, I made it a point to add one teaspoon flaxseed powder in the chapati atta every day.

I have already posted  in my blog  the flax seed  idli.  pumpkin, flaxseed gun powder, instant flaxseed dosa.

Here I am presenting another variety of thogyal/chutney which goes well with dal rice, dahi rice, dosa, idli etc.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


Dry lasoon chutney I have already posted.  It tastes good with vada pav, bhakri etc.  Yesterday, my neighbour gave me the wet lasoon chutney along with dudhi ka paratha and was awesome.  Immediately I noted down the recipe from her for posting as I had taken photograph of the chutney.

Friday, 6 March 2015


 Fresh haldi, ambe halad it is known as, manga inji (mango ginger) chutney.  This is good for the stomach. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Gooseberry has got many medicinal values.  A good source of Vitamin C.  During our childhood, we used to eat the gooseberry and drink water immediately.  You will feel sweetness in your mouth.  It was a hobby for us.

4-5 gooseberry was lying in the fridge.  I had made dosa and was thinking what to make to serve along with it as I was bored of making sambar.  

A tasty, healthy chutney to serve with dosa.  Let us look at the recipe now:

Total time taken: 10 minutes.
serves : 2


5 raw gooseberry
1/4 cup grated coconut
1 green chilli
2 red chilli


1 tsp oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp urid dal
2 broken pcs of red chilli
a pinch of asafoetida
few curry leaves.


Wash and cut the  gooseberries.  grind all the ingredients in a mixer  with little water.  adjust the consistency of the chutney by adding water.  temper with the ingredients mentioned under tempering.  serve with idli, dosa, curd rice, dal rice etc.

Monday, 2 February 2015


Bottle gourd has got various health benefits.   Lauki juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, sodium, iron and potassium. It has low fat and cholesterol level. As a result, this anti-oxidant drink is quite popular among health conscious individuals.

Helps in reducing weight, treat constipation, urinary  problems, sleeplessness, helps in digestion etc. etc.

While making subzi with lauki,  I prefer not to remove the skin as it has got the health benefits.  two days back when I was cutting the bottle gourd, I kept the peel and decided to make chutney out of it.

Monday, 15 December 2014


ajwain is good for health and got medicinal values.  along with this, if we add some more ingredients which have also medicinal values, then it is worth trying this recipe.  When my neighbour was having some stomach related issues, I made this chutney for her along with idli and she liked it very much. However, the post remained in the draft.

Today, again, I remembered because my daughter was not well hence I made this and decided to post it.  Previously, when I made it, I did not shoot the same.  Today, I have taken the video as well as fresh photograph too.

Since I have got the plant in my balcony, I feel free  to make the ajwain patta  bhajia and chutney any time.

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Radish, is  always part of  salad.  It is pungent or sweet in taste with a lot of juice. Radishes can be white, red, purple   and in terms of shape, it can be long  or round. They are eaten raw, cooked or pickled.  It helps in curing various diseases.  They are detoxifiers and rich in vitamin C, folic. 

Normally, I used to make subzi along with the greens but my children never used to touch it as they do not like the smell of it.  The only way I can make them eat this is making paratha as they love paratha and do not bother about that I have put in it.  Recently, I made radish bhajia which was awesome.

Coming back to the chutney, it is very easy to make and tasty too.  Can be served with idli, dosa and rice too. ( I prefer).

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 21 September 2014


I have already posted Kathrika arachukalakki.  I also made along with the arachukalaki, the thogayal.  Both the dishes were too good to eat.  Normally, kathrika (brinjal ) is not liked by everyone.  Hence you can make these kind of varieties and make them to eat.

kathrika thogayal, brinjal thogayal

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Friday, 19 September 2014


Raw tamarind chutney was in my list for a longer period and was waiting for the raw tamarind in the market.  When my co-sister went to market, she bought the same for me. I was happy that I got this as it is very difficult for me to get the same where I live.

This chutney I tasted when I was in the school and after leaving my native place at the age of 18, I never got the opportunity to prepare this chutney.

I was so thrilled when I saw the raw tamarind and made the chutney which I am sharing with you.  We can make the chutney in different ways, but the one which I made yesterday is shared with you now. 

raw tamarind chutney, pacha puli chutney

Monday, 8 September 2014


Arachukalakki is a yoghurt based chutney you can call it normally with mango kept in brine or nellikka (gooseberry).  the uppu mangai  arachukalakki with (nellikka)  gooseberry chutney and mango, i love to eat with molagootal sadam or with plain rice. I also relish the same with idli,dosa and adai too.

I purchased one big brinjal with the intention of making baingan bharta.  But my husband refused to eat the same hence I had no choice but to make something out of it.  With half of the brinjal, I made baingan bharta for me and with the remaining half I used one portion of arachukalakki and one portion for thogayal.  In short I used one fourth of the brinjal for arachukalakki,  I did not tell my husband that I made it with brinjal fearing that he may eat this.  After tasting the same, he said yummy it is and asked me how I made this.  Then  I revealed the truth and he told me tomorrow give it in the tiffin box. 

Now let me share the recipe with you.

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Like other chutneys, fruit chutney also goes well with idli, dosa.   Apart from eating fruits as it is and making juices, salads etc.  out of it, we can also make use of them for the preparation of chutney.   Today, I made the chutney with pomegranate and papaya and was really tasty with idli. It has become a habit for us to have anything and everything with liquid subzi or chutney hence compulsorily, I have to make something. Every time to make make something without coconut is really a difficult task.  Still I manage with something or the other and this chutney was invented by me today which I am sharing with you all.  Hope you will also like this.  This is my kind of version and there is another version of making this sweet chutney with fruits, tomato etc. which shall be posted soon.


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