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Saturday, 13 August 2016


Dal Pakwan is a Sindhi recipe which is quite filling.  Hence it is served as BRUNCH mostly.  I happened to taste this dish in a wedding and was fascinated by the taste of this dish.  The dal being hot with raw onions and sweet and green chutneys on top with quite a large amount of chopped coriander on top of it is mouth watering.

Since then I wanted to make this and post it on my blog but somehow I could not do it.  Last week I was having some time so decided to make this dish.  It is easy to make as we can make the Pakwan and keep ready in a day or two in advance and make the dal subsequently.  This is what exactly I did.

Now Let us look at the recipe without wasting much time .

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Tokri means katori, wati,  bowl  or basket you can call it.  The tokris are made either with maida or with aloo.  here I am giving the recipe of aloo tokri.

I happened to have this item in one of the mall when we along with our neighbour, went out with the kids.  It was quite filling and yummy and since then I wanted to try this at home, but somehow, I could not do so till today.

Today I do not know somehow I felt, I must complete this task and decided to try  my hand on this.  Since I am preparing this for the first time, I was bit nervous as to whether it will come out perfectly or not.  Yes I did spoil the first two baskets and rest came out very well.

I prepared the chaat and gave to my daughter and had myself, I could not believe that I prepared this so nicely.  video link:  how to make   aloo tokri,  and  alooo tokri chaat.

Now let us look at the recipe now:

Yield: 6-7 depending upon the size of the strainer.
time taken: 45 minutes


2 potatoes (old potatoes or wafer potatoes)
2 tbsp corn flour
1/4 tsp black pepper powder

for the filling:

1/2 cup moong sprouts boiled in salt water for 3-4 minutes
1/2 cup chopped tomatoe
1/2 cup chopped onion
Sweet chutney
green chutney
1/2 cup curd with 1 to 2 tsp sugar mixed in it.
chaat masala
chopped coriander leaves
1/2 cup nylon sev
2 tbsp pomegranate (optional)
boiled and mashed potatoes (optional)
oil for deep frying

Other things you need:

2 tea strainer
(1 small and the other  small (should be able to keep inside the bigger one)


Wash, peel and grate the potatoes directly in water. wash them three to four times in fresh water and squeeze out the extra water.  Then put it in kitchen towel to remove excess water.

Now put them in a bowl, add the corn flour, salt, black pepper powder and mix well.  Heat oil in kadai.  the oil should be medium hot.  put the potato mix in the strainer and spread evenly.  Now press with the other strainer (smaller one) and put the strainer in the hot oil.  after a minute just lift the smaller strainer and see whether it  is sticking to the potato mix.   fry it till you get a light golden brown colour tokri.  remove from the oil, wait till the oil is strained and turn it and tap on the outside portion to remove the tokri or with the help of knife you can lightly push them out and remove the tokri.  Repeat the process for the remaining aloo mix and fry them.  keep it in airtight container.

In the ingredients picture, you can see the fried potatoes. the first batch did not come out properly and was broken.  This I used while making the chaat.

Now let us look at the preparation of chaat.

Place one tokri in a plate.  put some sprouts, onion, tomato.  put green chutney, sweet chutney, curd.  sprinkle some chaat masala on top of it.   put the fried potatoes, nylon sev.  garnish with pomegranate seeds, coriander leaves.  If you want more chutney and curd, add and serve immediately.  repeat the process for the remaining baskets.

Note:  since fried potatoes were there, I did not use the boiled ones.

We can also prepare the baskets with maida dough which we use for the samosas.
If you do not have the strainer, you can use steel /aluminium katoris for making the baskets  with maida dough and can bake it.

Friday, 24 April 2015


Idli bhel can be made as a chaat  item.  I had prepared dahi  idli chaat, idli fry, idli upma, idli chole chaat with left over idlis and the bhel is another  interesting chaat  item which everyone will enjoy specially children. 

You are always having the simple ingredients at home so it is not a big issue to prepare this dish.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Chaat recipes are Mumbai's street food and is loved by all.  the Pani puri, dahi puri, ragada pattice etc. etc. the list goes on.  

What about making one at home with left over items.  Seems interesting right.  Yes, it is interesting and yummy too. 

I had some idlis and left over choley in my fridge.  If I serve the same items second time, no one is going to eat it.  Hence I decided to make it a twist and made them to eat which was a hit and was asked for the second serve but unfortunately could not as both the items got over.

Yes, I am talking about idli choley chaat which was a hit in my home and demanded to make it again next day.  The fried idli mixed with choley, onion and tomatoes with the chutneys vow! experience yourself.
idli choley chaat

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Chaat item is loved by everyone. especially the road side one.  Ungly chaat chaat ke sab khatein hai. that tasty it is.  We can also make the same at home tasty like that.

Basically, the idli chaat is a left over recipe.  If u are calorie conscious, can just fry the idli with little oil in a kadai or deep fry the idli.

The dahi idli chaat we had in Alibaugh was very very tasty.  Though I had made it earlier, could not post the same somehow.  Now after tasting the same at Alibaugh, I decided to prepare the same, click it and post it.  This very simple and easy dish, you all will enjoy.

Dahi idli chaat

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Raj kachori is a chaat item which can be enjoyed with the sweet chutney, green chutney, curd, boiled sprouted moong or chana, boiled potatoes etc.  To top it with fine sev, pomegranate and chopped green coriander leaves.  One of my colleague brought this items in the office for celebrating his birthday and I loved it.  Since then, I wanted to make it and tried twice and failed as the kachori was not puffing  properly and becoming crisp. Third time I succeeded and served the same to my judges and neighbours and it was awesome.  Though I had made it just two days before my wedding anniversary as I wanted to serve them  for my guests, clicked photographs and completely forgotten about it.  Yesterday, again I  was told by my friends to make it for the get together today, then I remembered decorating this with pomegranate, sev, coriander leaves and the rich look of it, I remembered clicking the photographs.  So after making  a lot of kachoris today for the get together, I thought of shooting it and uploading the video too.

Raj kachori

watch the video onYoutube: raj kachori a  raj kachori b  raj kachori c  raj kachori d  raj kachori e

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Ragada pattice is a famous Mumbai Chaat dish.  Whenever you eat paani puri, dahi puri, bhel etc. this item is also available in the stall  with the masalas in it topped with tomato, onion, the puris or sev etc. which is mouth watering. The  It is made out of aloo pattice and the gravy is made with  white watana (dried white peas).  It is a nice snack item in the evening you can serve hot.

Ragada pattice

Monday, 9 December 2013


I have already posted sev puri.  Now I am presenting the roti sev puri.  this is made with left over roti, tasty and healthy too. what you need is the left over rotis, chutneys, chopped tomatoes, onion and nylon sev. your roti sev puri is ready.  I have also posted masala roti.  You can view the videos in You Tube of these.


I have already posted the mouth watering Bhel puri.  Now is the time to post Sev Puri.  Sev puri can be made as dahi sev puri. you have to add only dahi in the sev puri.  chaat item, any one will enjoy any time especially when you can make it at home why not taste it whenever you want provided you keep all the ingredients in your store room.


Bhel puri is a chaat item, street food liked by everyone. If you visit North India, without tasting this item, you will never go back.  This can be made at home also as tasty as the one is available in the street.  Basically, it is made with Murmura, kurmura it is called with masala chana, chopped onion, tomatoes, green coriander with sweet and spicy chutney topped with thin nylon sev.  When you think of it, mouth is watering.  Let us not waste our time to look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Hi, You must be wondering what is this about?  really, i tell you this is awesome.  try and post your comments.  I am sure, you will love it.  Upma chaat is the combination of upma and chaat recipe. You can make it with left over upma or after making upma, you can try this.

Let us have a look at the recipe


1 cup broken wheat upma
2 tbsp curd
2 tbsp chopped tomato
2 tbsp chopped onion
1 tbsp masala peanut
2 tbsp nylon sev
chaat masala, roasted cumin powder, black salt, as per taste.
2 tbsp coriander leaves for garnishing.


In a plate put the upma and spread it.  put all the chutney's one by one. then put tomato, chopped onions. putthe chaat masala, cumin powder, black salt.  top it with nylon sev, masala chana and garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Note:  you can try this with the kanda poha too.  also you can add papdi, crushed golgappa

very very tasty.  Hope you love it. do give me the feedback.

happy cooking.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Dahi vada is  a  popular dish enjoyed by every one whether it is North or South.    There is a slight variation in the North Indian and South Indian Dahi Vada.  The urid dal vadas are made and soaked it in curd after putting them in hot water, squeezed out the excess water.

In South, the Dahi or Curd is slightly sweetened  and spices are added  but in north it is flavoured with green chutney and sweet chutney and spices.

We love both the version as it is your choice how to make the variation and eat it.  

It is a dish  loved by each and every one specially in summer I used to enjoy this directly from the fridge with lots of coriander on top of it. If the sweet chutney and green chutney is ready in your fridge, then it is every easy to make it.

Friday, 10 May 2013


Thengai, mangai Pattani chundal is a famous beach side chaat in South Side.  Whenever I go to Marina Beach or any other beach in Chennai, i do not return home without eating this. Thengai means coconut, Mangai means mango and pattani means white watana boiled.

The hot white watana with coconut and mango bits with lime juice and masala is like we eat the hot sweet corn  in Mumbai.    I love this crunchy munchy item.  whenever you go to Chennai in beach, do not forget to eat this.

Now as I told you mango season is on, maximum utilisation of mango is going on.  Hope you will too enjoy this.

Thengai Mangai Pattani chundal is made with White watana, coconut bits and  mango bits with masalas.


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