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Friday, 21 November 2014


Hi viewers, 

Thanks a lot for viewing my blog.  I am presenting a simple and easy kootu variety with best out of waste product.  Yes, that is the banana peel is normally discarded.  We can make a variety of dishes with this.  One such dish is the kootu I am sharing with you.

It is basically prepared in the tamarind sauce.  But if you have any problem in consuming the tamarind, you can also use amchur powder or kokam in place of it.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hi viewers,

I have the pleasure in posting my 500th post today.  It has been a nice blogging journey since 5th May 2013 and still 23 days more  to celebrate  the blogs First Birthday.

The journey began with the support of Ms Dahlia Twinkle and Kavery Venkatesh and of course with my dear hubsand, son, daughter and my lovely neighbours as judges.  A Big thanks to all of them for the support, suggestions, criticism, advise etc. etc.

A BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MY VIEWERS  specially  for their suggestions/comments and support without which the journey would have been incomplete.

I started my recipe with the King of fruit Mango and posting the 500th post also with a fruit recipe.

Panchamrutam is made normally for the neivedyam.  It is also used for abhishekam of gods in the temple.  A simple and easy preparation with fully ripe bananas along with some khajur, kalkandu, elaichi powder, jaggery,  it is awesome.  my children loves this to eat as it is chilled minus certain fruits added in it  if it is brought from the temple after the pradosha pooja.  I make this for them in a simple manner but you can add other fruits, if you wish.


Saturday, 15 March 2014


All parts of Banana Plant is useful for us.  The banana stem, flower, fruit are used for making various delicacies.  I have already posted the banana flower sambar.

Today, I made raita out of it and it was very delicious.  I wanted to eat rice today and do not want to make any dishes which are time consuming as I had planned to make the vada which has taken a lot of time in cleaning the flower.

Since Holi festival is on 17th March 2014, I had planned to upload  pooran poli and thandai  recipe hence settled down for the simple raita, rice and papad for the day.

I really enjoyed it.  Now it is your turn to enjoy this simple, healthy recipe.

banana flower raita, khel phoolachi raita, vazhapoo raita


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