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Monday, 26 June 2017


 My exploration of  Karnataka recipes is on.  Today I prepared the Unde Kadubu or known as Pundi Gatti. Normally, Tamilians and Malayalees  also prepare this rice dumplings either by grinding the rice (boiled rice)  or with the rice rava or idli rava.  The traditional pundi gatti is prepared by soaking and grinding the boiled rice.   However, this preparation is a  is a typical  Malnad style breakfast recipe and popular by name unde or unde kadubu or undlige. This is a plain version of unde kadubu prepared using rice and coconut.   We can also prepare Sweet and spicy version  according to your requirement which is known as Vella Kozhukkattai and Ulundu Kozhukkattai in Tamil version.  

This  is an easy, healthy and tasty breakfast  as the same is steamed and steamed foods are good for health.  It can be served with hot sambar or rasam or any kind of chutney.  I served it with an instant  rasam which is very  quick  and easy to prepare.  The recipe is given below.

Now let us look at the recipe Unde Kadubu:  


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