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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


I always search for new items to be cooked during the seasons.  One such dish is Takala subzi i.e. cassisa tora subzi. This is grown during the rainy season as a weed. In Kerala, we used to pluck the yellow flowers of this plant for making the Pookalam i.e. flower rangoli during Onam festival.  But I never had the idea that the leaves are edible and used for curing various kind of diseases.

Cassia tora is known as Takara in Malayalam and Takala in Marathi.This plant has many uses.  The plant and seeds are edible. Young leaves can be cooked as a vegetable while the seeds are a good substitute for coffee.

It is used as a natural pesticide in organic farms and its powder is most commonly used in the pet food industry.

Cassia tora tea is a herbal, pure, natural and non-polluted green health beverage. In the Republic of Korea, it is believed to rejuvenate human vision.  it has been used for treating skin diseases such as leprosy, ringworm, itching and psoriasis and also for snakebites. Other medicinal provisions from plant parts include balm for  arthritis  using leaves of Cassia tora.

After going through the net, I found the various usages of this plant.  Futher, my colleague also brought the subzi of this. Though she made it in a typical way, I used my additions to it.

Now let us look at the recipe now:



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