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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


This year Vishu is on 14th April 2014. New Year day of Keralites and Tamilians.

Kanji and venni is made during the New Year Day by Keralites and Tamilians.  It is a  traditional simple food relished on the day of Vishu.

In the month of Chitirai, (April) mango and neem trees will be full of flowers and fruits (In the spring season).  On the day of Vishu i.e New Year day, we make a curry with sweet, bitter, sour, salty and spicy.  It symbolizes the fact of our is a mixture of sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust etc which we have to digest and come out of all these problems accepting the fact of life and still live happily through  our life.

In Kerala, we celebrate "Vishu"  On the day of Vishu, "Kani Kannal" is a tradition.  On the previous night, in front of the God, in a thambalam or plate or big banana leaf, we keep broken coconut filled with coins and gold, a mirror with a golden chain in it, a vellarikka (madras kakadi), flowers, fruits, all the vegetables, jackfruit, lime, rice, dhal, mangoes jaggery, banana, vettilai, paku etc to seek the blessings of God and pray that through out the year, we should get all these things abundantly.  In this Kani, a special flower called "Konnapoo" or Amaltas or Indian Laburnum is must.  On the day of Vishu, elderly women wake up all the members of the family one by one to see the Vishu Kani and Kai Neetam ( giving money by the elderly person in the family to all the younger ones) is given.  Then celebrate the whole day and nice feast is also made and enjoyed. by all the family memebrs together.  It is really fun and I really enjoy at Kerala only and not in Metro.

Kanji and Venni
Kani Konna poo,  Indian laburnum
Kanji and Venni Youtube

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Paal payasam or milk and rice kheer is the favourite dish of Lord Krishna.  Ambalapuzha Paal Payasam is famous in Kerala.  Last year when I went to Kerala,  I got a chance to visit the temple and was truly blessed to witness the abishekam of Lord Krishna.

Paal payasm is made with rice, milk and sugar and I just love it.  I always make the same with Mahananda Milk I prefer that because it tastes awesome.  When you reduce the milk the colour changes and the taste of the dish is also yummy.

In Kerala, a vessel called uruli, see the picture below, the kheer is made it in it.

Today is International Women's day. Co - incidentally, our friends and neighbours decided to host the Kitty Party today.  Hence I decided to make this kheer.  Although I have made this and clicked the photographs so many times, could not post it as I totally forgot about this.   Hence I thought I will post the same today.

Happy women's day.

Let us look at the recipe now.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


 I remember six year old, we were going to Madras (now Chennai).  I was fed up of sitting in the train for a longer hours and asked my mom when are we going to reach?  my mother said tomorrow.  I said i want to get down and go home to which my mother said, i will allow you to get down at the next station and you go home alone.  I got scared and kept quite.  After reaching Madras, we were playing,  that time,  my mom told me and my cousin to go to terrace and collect the neem flowers.  when we went to terrace, i could not believe,  such a lot of fresh flowers were lying like a carpet. we collected plenty of it in a bag and brought down.  Since that age, i am familiar with the rasam, pachadi.  In the beginning i felt it bit bitter, but we used to have karela, bitter gourd subzi, i liked these dishes also very much.

Neem flower pachadi, rasam is made during the Tamil New Year which falls mostly on 14th April.  This flowers are also available at that time, very fresh.  This pacahdi is made with mango, jaggery, chilli powder. You can use tamarind instead of mango.  Use the mangoes which are not ripe but not raw which will have a sweet and sour taste.  If you are using raw mango, ensure that less sour one is picked.

Neem flower pachadi

  Vepampoo pachadi has got five unique flavours viz salt, bitterness (neem flowers), sweetness (jaggery, vellam, sarkara), mango (sour), spice (red chilli powder).
neem-flower-rasam-vepampoo-rasam-rasam,   neem flower raita  watchyoutube : neem flower pachadi

Friday, 9 August 2013


You will think that the neem leaves are bitter so as the flower.  yes it is bitter but when you fry them in ghee, you will not feel much of the bitterness.  the flowers are usually available in the month of April during the beginning of the year i.e. New year (Varsha Pirappu) and the cuisines like vepampoo rasam, pachadi and raita are made.  if you cannot get fresh flowers, dried flowers are also available in the market.

neem flower rasam, vepampoo rasam
neem flower pachadi


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