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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

MYSORE BONDA(using maida)

I tasted this Mysore  Bonda two years back when I went for  my nephew's wedding at Bangalore.  We were  staying in an apartment and my daughter was very  hungry.Though we were new to that place, myself and my daughter ventured out and saw  a snack counter nearby.  

When asked what is there to eat, the shop keeper said mysore bonda and tea/coffee is available.  When we saw him serving the hot bonda  and coffee/tea, we decided to order  that only.

To my surprise, it was awesome as I never tasted the maida version of bonda as I was familiar  with only Ulundu bonda.

This is a Karnataka special snack item which is paired with coconut chutney. For a change, you can indulge in such items  as now a days most people avoid usage of maida. This items should be prepared bit spicy then only we can really enjoy the taste of it.

Now let us look at the recipe now:        

Monday, 26 December 2016


Mysore Bonda is prepared either with maida or ulundu i.e. urad dal.  You do not worry about making this bonda with ulund because when you are grinding for idli or dosa, bit extra urid can be put and grind it.  But the batter should be like the medu vada batter and should not go extra water in it.  

I used to make this bonda without adding any other stuff like the ingredients we add for the mysore bonda.  Here I would like to give you a tip - in case the batter has extra water in it, just add bit of rice flour and rava and keep in fridge, which will absorb the extra water in it.

coming back to the recipe, I made today the mysore bonda with urid dal.  As I said, while grinding for idli, I had taken out some urid batter and kept aside.  I used that only for making the bonda.

It is an easy snack item which can be served with chutney or sambar.  My children would be happy to serve it along with sauce.

Let us look at the recipe now:  video

maida mysore bonda will be posted shortly.


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