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Sunday, 17 December 2017


Adai is a breakast item made in South Indian House hold.  This is made with Rice and lentils with red and green chilli.  Today I made the same with Rava/Semolina/Suji and came out very tasty.

Since we can add vegetable of your choice in this like cabbage, carrot, capiscum, methi leaves, Muringa leaves etc. in this, it is quite healthy too.

Let us look at the recipe now:  VIDEO: RAVA ADAI


Sunday, 27 August 2017


We all are familiar with Masala dosa, Mysore Masala dosa.  Here is dosa stuffed with kutchi dabeli masala.

You are fond of dabeli right. If left over masala is there, do not worry what to do.  You can fill it on top of the dosa and enjoy it. Believe me, it was awesome.

Dabeli is a street food which can be enjoyed at any time. The basic masala ingredient is potato.  The chutneys makes it more tastier.

Video: clik here
Let us look at the recipe now:

Friday, 11 August 2017


Pepper Cumin Idli is easy to make if you have idli batter at home for a change.  You can either serve it along with sambhar and chutney or rasam. I preferred to have it with rasam of course, it is the choice of individuals.

It is not similar to kanjeevaram idli since  more ingredients are added in kanjeevaram idli than the pepper cumin idli.

Preparation for the same is like the normal idli batter.  Just before preparing the idli, add the crushed cumin, pepper, hing powder,ginger powder and curry leaves  and then make the idlis.

Now let us look at the recipe:


Monday, 3 July 2017


Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that this post is my 1000th post.  It is a great achievement for me as far as I am concerned.  I could not have been successful without your support, encouragement.

I sincerely thank each one of you and my family members on this occasion and the God who has created varieties of  vegetables, fruits and other items for making lovely dishes for human consumption and for sharing and caring.

Let me turn to the recipe now:

This recipe is of Karnataka State.  In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, we make Rasam Vada. The Bonda soup is somewhat similar to that but the soup is made out of three dals  viz. tur, moong and masoor.    This is quite healthy and delicious too. 

 The variation in the soup is in rasam we add tamarind  but in the soup, it is avoided.

The bonda or vada in the hot soup is really awesome.  You can make the Bonda Soup with the left over vada also.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Monday, 26 June 2017


My exploration of  Karnataka recipes is on.  Today I prepared the Unde Kadubu or known as Pundi Gatti. Normally, Tamilians and Malayalees  also prepare this rice dumplings either by grinding the rice (boiled rice)  or with the rice rava or idli rava.  The traditional pundi gatti is prepared by soaking and grinding the boiled rice.   However, this preparation   is a typical  Malnad style breakfast recipe and popular by name unde or unde kadubu or undlige. This is a plain version of unde kadubu prepared using rice and coconut.   We can also prepare Sweet and spicy version  according to your requirement which is known as Vella Kozhukkattai and Ulundu Kozhukkattai in Tamil version.  

This  is an easy, healthy and tasty breakfast  as the same is steamed and steamed foods are good for health.  It can be served with hot sambar or rasam or any kind of chutney.  I served it with an instant  rasam which is very  quick  and easy to prepare.  The recipe is given below.

Now let us look at the recipe of  Unde Kadubu:  

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Poha or beaten rice adai is  very easy to make.  If you have time, then you can soak  the dal for an hour or you can soak it in hot water for 30 minutes. then soaking poha is easy as it does not take much time. 

You can make this adai bit spicy and should be served hot with chutney or sambhar.  It is an alternate method of the normal rice adai which we make at home.

An easy and tasty breakfast. You can also add veggies like grated carrot, beetroot etc. in it for making it more healthy.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 28 May 2017


Hot dosa with chutney and sambhar who will not like it?  there are varieties of dosas which are mouth watering.  Here is a simple and easy dosa with the mamra.  I have used the bhel kurmura to make this dosa.

The idea came from my husband as the packet of kurmura was there for sometime and it  became very soft.  Ofcourse, if you put in oven, or in hot kadai, you can make it crispy, but he said why don't you try making dosa with it.  I also said, nice idea, let me try it out so that I can get a new recipe for my blog.

It is very simple and easy to make this dosa and must have some spicy chutney or sambhar to serve along with it.  It takes around 4 to 5 minutes to make one dosa but that waiting period to cook is really worth it.

Now let us look at the recipe:

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Pidi kozhukkattai or upma kozhukkatai is made out of rice rava.  I have already posted the upma kozhukkattai.  Other varieties are : idli-rava-bhagar-dal-kozhukkattai.html,  millet,  bread,  tinai, kappa, lapsi

Today, I made a twist to this dish by adding vegetables in it and served along with uppu mangai chutney.  

This is a tasty and healthy breakfast as it is cooked by steaming and not much oil is involved in it.
The rice rava can be made at home or you can use the idli rava.  While using the idli rava, we have to use less water than the normal rice rava.

Let us look at the recipe now:


Saturday, 29 April 2017


Barley or Jau it is known as is a healthy grain we must include in our diet.  If we have some urinary problems/fever etc. first thing in the mind comes to boil some barley seeds in water and drink the same through out the day.  This helps in passing the urine without any difficulty as well as the toxin is removed from the body.

Normally, after boiling the same in water, it is thrown out.  I tried to make upma with the barley seeds and came out very tasty with some vegetables in it.

Though many people may not like it, we still can include the same once in a while in our diet.

The pictures and method is given below along with the health benefit of barley.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Monday, 27 February 2017


Kerala style appam can be made with yeast or without yeast.  The original recipe is made with the toddy i.e Kallu.  But it is very difficult to get the fresh toddy hence we can make it with yeast or without yeast.  The purpose of adding the yeast or toddy(kallu)  is to help the batter to rise in the centre  of the  appam.

The appam is served with Potato Stew or kadala curry or any curries veg or non veg.  It is a healthy breakfast.  I used to have with the thenga chammanthi also. (coconut red chutney).  Here I have made this aappam without yeast.  I personally try to avoid, yeast, baking soda etc. but when it is required, we have to add it,if there is no other alternative.

Some people are allergic to urid dal and cannot consume the same.  This recipe is useful to such people as they would love it since it is minus urid dal.

Whenever you visit Kerala, do not miss this dish.

Let us look at the recipe now:


Saturday, 18 February 2017


vada is liked by all especially when it is served hot with sambhar.  Medu vada is a South Indian dish made for breakfast and as snack too.  The hot medu vadas dunked in sambhar with chutney is awesome and can be had at any point of time.

We are familiar with the preparation of medu vada.  I decided to add some left over bread which I had with me i.e. two slices of bread and side pieces of four slices.  Bread medu vada is a best out of waste dish for you I am sharing here.  I am sure you will love it.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Sabudana kichadi and bread upma we are familiar with.  The combination of both the ingredients are also quite good and filling.

Today for the breakfast, I made this as I had 3-4 slices of left over bread and ½ cup soaked sabudana in fridge.  Since both the ingredients are very less and will not be sufficient to make different varieties, I thought of combining these ingredients and made the upma.

You can either make bread crumbs by putting the same in the mixer or just tear off the bread into pieces and add to the upma.

While serving, you must serve the same hot otherwise tend to become dry to eat or else you have to serve it with chutney or sambhar or curd as you wish.

When we are having left over items in the fridge, we choose the option of combining the ingredients which really makes a good dish.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Another hit, healthy breakfast menu on your table.  This recipe was shared by my friend Shubha and I thank her for sharing the same with me.  

It is indeed a great healthy recipe with some onion and vegetable in it.  You can choose vegetable according your wish.

Since no urad dal is involved in it, certain people who cannot conusme the urad dal can enjoy this dosa and uttappam.

I made the same with onion and some grated carrots, green chilli in it.  You can also add capsicum of your choice which will be colourful.  Uploading You tube:

Let us look at the recipe now:

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Though we are having varieties of breakfast recipes with us, still early in the morning all moms have a question what to make for breakfast.

I was making the normal pidi kozhukkatai or it is known as upma kozhukkattai, and few slices of left over bread was there with me.  The tuvar dal paste was bit excess with me so  I thought of trying this bread pidi kozhukkattai and it turned out very tasty and yummy.  I never expected that this will a hit.

  Since it is quite tasty, I am sharing the recipe with you all.

As usual, we can serve this with moru kootan, sambhar and any kind of chutney.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Sometimes  we are confused what to do with the left over rice. Though we can make phodni rice, pakoda, porichukotti sadam, tayir sadam etc. something new can be invented always.  Thus I tried this dosa along with some other flours which is healthy.

As I was making this dosa, back of my mind, wondering what to make for the accompaniment.  I tried an instant  sambhar which was quite tasty.  

This dosa can be made instantly as you do not have to wait for fermentation of the batter and can be served with chutney, sambhar, milgai podi etc.  You are not wasting the left over rice and can say that it is a best out of left over  items.  

Let us look at the recipe now:

Saturday, 17 September 2016


I had some makai flour with me and recently I made the bhakri with nachni.  The recipe will be posting soon.   I was alone at home and was wondering what to make for breakfast.  If  I am alone at home, am bit lazy to make the breakfast for myself.  

Since the atta was very less, thought of adding the wheat flour in it and made this adai with some onions and green chillies chopped in it.  It is really tasty when it is served hot and instantly you can make it. 

 If I put green chilli chopped in any of the dish, my family members do not like it hence i prefer to put the paste in the dish  and if i am making something for me i put the chopped chillies separately for me.

Coming back to the recipe, it was really tasty when I had it with the lasoon chutney which was lying in my fridge for quite some time.  Since I use it only with bhakri, the stock never get exhausted as I am the only person to consume it.

some of the  related recipes : Makai adai, corn meal idli, makai ki roti,  
corn meal paratha 

Sunday, 26 June 2016


Upma is a Breakfast item prepared by everyone with rava, semolina.  One must eat this very hot along with chutney, choley it tastes awesome with choley.

Masala upma is made with vegetables and sambar powder or you can put any kind of masala for flavor.  I used sambar masala and vegetables and it was quite tasty with raita, papad.  You  can also serve the same with any kind of  chutney. It is quite a simple preparation like the normal upma with addition of spices  and vegetables, that is all.

I was bored of eating the normal upma so I decided to prepare the same this way and goes well with onion  raita and papad too.  Even if there is no accompaniments, it is fine.

Now let us look at the recipe now:

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Varieites of upmas are made by us. one of the healthy upma is made with lapsi also known as dalia, broken wheat rava, godambu rava etc.  

I make this very often as my weekly menu is set.  Monday morning idli, followed by dosa, next day, upma, adai, bhakri, kanda poha, kozukkattai etc.  it keeps on changing depending upon the mood  of my children and availability of time etc in the morning.

Since it is good for health and also can be made with vegetables which makes it more healthier and tasty, I prefer to prepare the same on Saturday/Sunday as we can have it hot.  I prefer to have it hot just like that or with some pickle or sambar or chutney.  

Let us look at the recipe now:


I want to try the cracked wheat i.e. dalia idli since so many days.  Yesterday as I was grinding  for idli, I felt that the Urid dal  is more for the quantity of rice hence I removed some urid dal batter from it and kept aside.

It must be around 3/4 cup of urid dal batter so I soaked 1/4 cup cracked wheat and mixed both and kept for fermenting. Since the climate was bit cool after a pre monsoon rain, it did not become sour much.  I tried the idli and came out well and served with sambar.

Since I liked it, I am posting the recipe here for you too.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Horsegram and banana stem both are having health benefits which is given separately at the bottom of the recipe.  

I had some kulith which I wanted to finish it off and a small piece of banana stem.  Since I was not in a mood to prepare any subzi, roti or rice, I thought of making the adai with these two ingredients.

I had soaked the rice, kulith early in the morning hence I could grind it in the afternoon by 1.00 pm. and I prepared the adai for lunch.  Watch on you tube:

Let us look at the recipe now:


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